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50 Years of Agapé UK
Whole-Hearted Then, Whole-Hearted Now

In 1966, Kalevi Lehtinen travelled from Finland to the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin. He met with Agapé founder Bill Bright and expressed his burden for the evangelisation of Europe. At the same time, Bud and Shirley Hinkson were putting together a team of fresh faced American graduates willing to invest three years in building movements internationally.

A year later, the University Ambassador Team boarded a ship to England. A team of 56 arrived in Southampton on 14 November 1967 and travelled by train to London. They chose leaders and split into six teams. They settled on sending teams to London, Southampton, Reading, Birmingham, Brighton, and one team to Germany. They found accommodation and started to meet students.

The Original Ambassador Team in 1967

This is how Agapé in the UK started. You can read the full story here. 

50 Year History Video - What is our Story?

Legacy Videos

These videos tell the story of lives impacted by Agapé over the years and how God continues to work in their lives today.

             Roger Simpson

Roger was a student at University College London (UCL) when he came into contact with Agapé in the early 1970s. He shares his story of sharing his faith on campus and how that led to him training others in how to share their faith. He is now the Archbishop's Evangelist for the North of England where he regularly runs missions using the Knowing God Personally booklet. 
  Krish Kandiah

Krish first came into contact with Agapé and the gospel at school and shares his experience of sharing his faith at school. He shares how Agapé staff member Daryl modelled to him what it meant to live for Jesus and how that inspired him to be a witness for Christ. 
  Elvira McIntosh

Elvira was part of the original Ambassador Team whose team started a ministry in Brighton in 1967. She shares how the Lord has blossomed the original seeds they planted there.
  Staff Kids Legacy

Several kids of Agapé staff members share their story of what it was like growing up with parents who were missionaries with Agapé, and how that impacted their outlook on living and witnessing for Christ.

MOVE Weekend

From 3rd-5th February 2017, Agapé UK held MOVE Weekend to celebrate 50 years of God at work in the UK with friends, supporters, students, volunteers, alumni, and current staff.  It was a fantastic time of both reminiscing about all that has happened in years past, and training, equipping and envisioning for the years yet to come.

Click here to read more about MOVE Weekend.

Photos from MOVE

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MOVE Weekend Talks

You can download the talks from MOVE Weekend at the links below: