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New Year Retreat Guide 2019
By Danielle Wilson on 10 Jan 2019

Enjoy this year's retreat guide which takes us through the Sermon on the Mount. Reflect on these radical words of Jesus to inspire you for the next year of following him.

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The light and life of Christmas
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The nights are drawing in, stealing daylight from both ends; the weather is colder and greyer than it was last month; and it’s hard to avoid the political tumult of our country and the wider world. In...
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I've got a crazy story to tell you. It involves Tom Cruise and a big answer to prayer. Are you sitting comfortably? Last month, Danielle, who is an Agapé staff member, was part of a Global Aid Network...
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“I want to build a strong foundation for a movement this year.” These are the words Antonio spoke when we saw him last week at the University of Manchester. He had just agreed to become the first ever...
Reflections, Lesbos Greece
By Danielle Wilson on 08 Nov 2018

Danielle has recently returned from being part of a joint UK and Dutch GAiN team who went to serve in the Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos, Greece.  At the height of the refugee crisis, up to 10,000 refug...
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