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Perspectives in Oxford
By Jen Carter on 24 Apr 2017

The Student Life Weekly Meeting takes place every Tuesday during the eight week University of Oxford term. It happens in the heart of Oxford aiming to provide a space to discuss the bigger questions in life and what it might mean to connect with God in a relaxed environment, and is an important piece in the movement jigsaw.

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London: The nations are here!
By David Smith on 10 Apr 2017

During the Spring term a team of American students came to London during their 'Spring Break' on a short-term mission project to help make Jesus known amongst students in London. David Smith was part ...
On the road to Damascus
By Sarah Patel on 04 Apr 2017

Nearly six years of war in Syria has left 6.3 million people displaced and 470,000 have lost their lives. It can be hard to make sense of the individual impact in the face of abstract numbers. In the ...
Not what I expected…
By Ruth Brown on 28 Mar 2017

Me, lead a course on relationships? Never! But I did want to know what the Familylife material was like, so at Agapé’s MOVE weekend I went to the seminar introducing their Together course.
Sowing seeds of the gospel in Staffordshire
By Jonny Staton on 06 Mar 2017

As part of our recent MOVE Weekend, we wanted to demonstrate the invitation to ‘encounter God’s unconditional love’ in a practical way. So on the Saturday afternoon, we partnered with five local churc...
To go or not to go? Thoughts on summer mission
By Krystle Appiah on 03 Mar 2017

'Lake Tahoe doesn't need missionaries.' It was this throwaway comment that got me thinking. Actually, it wasn't the first time I'd heard something to this effect.
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