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50 Years. 50 Runners. £50k.
By Lesley Cheesman on 19 Jun 2017

As part of our 50 year celebrations, we are looking for 50 people to COME HELP CHANGE THE WORLD by running the Great Birmingham Run to raise £50k for Agapé.

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Belfast summer mission
By Audrey Boll on 16 Jun 2017

I think sometimes in ministry God gives you small gifts: moments of clarity, unexpected encouragement, visual reminders of his plan. God is working in Belfast in ways I never could've imagined. Minist...
Helping in Thessaloniki
By Megan Monaghan on 02 Jun 2017

On 7th April, a group of nine volunteers with Agapé Student Life travelled from the UK to Thessaloniki, Greece, to join a Global Aid Network (GAiN) humanitarian project not knowing fully what to expec...
Student Life sent to the nations
By Lauren Dixon on 31 May 2017

We stand at a unique time in the history of missions. The kingdom of God is advancing at unprecedented speed and globalisation means we have more access to those who haven't yet heard that gospel. But...
Marriage can work
By Jo Arkell on 26 May 2017

Sean and Miriam have been married for five years, they have one daughter, Sophie, and live in North London. They trained to be facilitators for Agapé Family Life’s ‘A Day Together’ event in April last...
Finding a future in the age of fear
By Danielle Wilson on 11 May 2017

The latest edition of Agapé's MOVE Magazine is now available to read online. This issue looks at how we can find a future in the age of fear.
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