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Created for connection
By Jo Arkell on 07 Mar 2018

Many volunteers, staff, partners and friends joined Agapé Family Life for a weekend in February in Gerrards Cross for our annual Vision and Equipping (V&E) conference. Over 120 people came together to think about how we are connected to God and to others and what impact that has on our lives and ministry.

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Kindling new fires
By Sarah Marston on 28 Feb 2018

Without access to matches, ancient Korean villagers would bury white-hot coal in ashes under the ground. When a villager needed to build a fire they would dig-up one of the pieces of coal, called a fi...
Returning home, finding freedom in Iraq
By Rezarta Kardellemaj on 08 Feb 2018

For three years, 1,500 displaced people, primarily from Mosul, called a half-finished building in Erbil, which became a refugee camp, home. Here, Agapé’s humanitarian aid partner, GAiN UK, along with ...
Austin's story
By Austin Holley on 01 Feb 2018

Austin is from the US and is studying at the London School of Economics (LSE) for a year. Here he shares his experience of getting involved with Agapé Student Life.
Joining in what God is doing in Birmingham
By Becky Deare on 17 Jan 2018

Sandeep is currently doing a year out on Agapé's internship programme, a year of training in evangelism and discipleship. Becky asks her about her experience so far.
Connected? Family Life Vision & Equipping
By Jo Arkell on 09 Jan 2018

This event is for you if you are a Family Life partner, volunteer, a friend of the ministry or you just want to know more about us. Join us as we explore our inbuilt need for connection.
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