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Pray with Agapé
Toucan money module

Please pray for Agapé’s FamilyLife team as they look to launch the next module on our relationship app, Toucan. Pray that many more people would hear about Toucan and many relationships would be strengthened as a result.    

Middle of term

Please pray for our Student Life teams to have energy and strength in the middle of a busy term. Pray they would be encouraged by the number of spiritual conversations they have with Christians and non believers. Pray they would see the number of students involved with Agapé grow.    

Thanksgiving and Bonfire Night

Please pray for our teams to have opportunities to build community in the days surrounding these events. Pray that amongst the celebrations, Jesus’ name would be spoken boldly and many would be intrigued to know more about him.    

FamilyLife East

Praise God for a wonderful team of volunteers in Cambridge. Please pray for the Edwards, Coles and Raymonts who all support FamilyLife in the aim of strengthening marriages in the UK. Pray for protection and blessing on their own marriages.    

National Leadership Forum

Our national leaders are coming together on 27 November to plan and pray. Please pray this gathering would be encouraging and those going would leave feeling equipped and envisioned to be fruitful leaders.    

GAiN discipleship group

Global Aid Network (GAiN - Agapé’s humanitarian aid partner) have been piloting a discipleship group with believers involved in responding to humanitarian needs overseas. They have been seeking to draw closer to God’s heart for people living in poverty and crisis. Please pray for them as they meet together during this term.    

Community team

Please pray for our Agapé staff working towards building community. to be encouraged that ‘Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.’ (James 3:18)    


Please pray for our teams working with students at universities, to have many opportunities to invite students to be a part of a Global Project, to share the gospel with students overseas. Pray students would be inspired to go.    

FamilyLife North East

Thank God for the relationships Phil and Ceri Keates are developing with churches across the North East and Carlisle. Praise God for many encouraging conversations with people who value what FamilyLife are doing to strengthen relationships.    

GAiN UK director

Our UK director for Global Aid Network (GAiN - Agapé’s humanitarian aid partner) Sarah Patel, will be taking a sabbatical break from Nov - Jan. She will be spending time to be refreshed in ministry and learn from others who are working in similar sectors. Please pray that this will be a significant time of meeting with God and knowing his hand on her life.     

Central Team

Please pray for our Central Team based at the HQ who are taking a day on 13 November to discover each other’s strengths and how to work well in a team based on these strengths. Pray the team would grow in understanding of one another and this would have a positive impact on how they support each other in their different roles.    

Sending partnerships

Pray for the team leaders of our student ministry as they make critical decisions regarding our sending partnerships and new opportunities. Pray for wisdom and direction from the Lord for where we should invest our resources.    


Why Pray?

We believe time invested in prayer is powerful and effective. Would you consider supporting Agapé by praying for us on a regular basis?