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Agapé Student Life Nottingham

StudentLife Nottingham is a small community of people, some Christians and some not, who are exploring what it means to be connected to God and to each other. We think Jesus has some significant things to say about this but we also want to have as much fun as we possibly can. At the moment there is a group at Nottingham Uni and hopefully in the future we'll have another one at Nottingham Trent (if you're a Trent student and interested – get in touch!).


If you want to find out more come along to our weekly meeting! Every Tuesday evening you'll find a relaxed environment and a fun community, with perhaps something significant to talk about. Smaller groups meet midweek for those who are curious about Jesus and if he might be relevant for their lives, and for those who want to delve deeper into the adventure of following Jesus. If you're a student, find out more on our StudentLife Nottingham Facebook page – look out for special events!

Church Recommendations

St Nic's

An open, evangelical church, consisting of people of all ages and many backgrounds, drawn from all over the city.

Cornerstone Evangelical

A vibrant city-wide evangelical church of some 600 people.

Trent Vineyard

A community of people who are committed to following Jesus Christ with their whole lives and who are also called to love and serve each other and the city around them.

Grace Church

Their vision is to be a God inspired people movement, affecting culture and playing their part in the transformation of Nottingham.


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