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Agapé Student Life East

Student Life is a student society for anyone to explore life’s biggest questions, who Jesus is and how we can connect with God. We currently work at Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge. Our four aims are:

Connect people to God
We believe that God is real and can be known through Jesus. We are committed to introducing people to him.

Connect people to people
We believe that genuine, meaningful relationships are really important, and that friendships can be transformed by a relationship with God.

Serve our universities
We love our universities and want to serve them in any practical way that we can, facing and fighting problems, and pointing the academic community to Jesus.

Change the world
We want to have a positive impact on our communities, both locally and globally, motivated by God's love.


We have a fun and thoughtprovoking gathering every week to which ALL students are welcome exploring relevant topics and explore how a relationship with God relates to these. We arrange social trips and look to serve the university in creative ways. We also run discussion groups to explore life, God and the person of Jesus. A core team of christian students run the society.

Church Recommendations


A friendly and informal church in the centre of Cambridge

St Barnabas

A community of people at different ages and stages of life with a common purpose.

Christ Church

A mix of people from different backgrounds and at different stages of spiritual growth

City Church

A charismatic, evangelical church that meets in central Cambridge.

Cambridge Community

A large, vibrant, community church in the centre of Cambridge where everyone is welcome.

Eden Baptist

A family, rooted in the Word of God and prayer

Holy Trinity

A lively, growing Christian community whose services are accessible to people who are not used to “Church”.

Kingsgate Community

People of all ages, from different cultures and walks of life

St Matthew's

A warm church family of all ages and many nationalities, a few minutes walk from ARU.

Arbury Community Church

A friendly, informal church in the north of Cambridge where everyone is welcome.

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