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A Day Together

A Day Together seminar is a special time away for couples to listen, laugh and learn more about each other... to talk and reconnect whatever stage of life. Whether you’re married or not, struggling or solid, you will be inspired and equipped to strengthen and grow your relationship with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.
"Fantastic, every couple should do this!"
The aim of the day is to help you to grow closer in your relationship – to have a stronger, happier and healthier relationship. We have put together five great sessions to equip you for some of the most important aspects of all relationships.  
A Day Together is suitable for people of all faith perspectives or none. The content of the day is based on research and our experience of what works. We’re using the Bible as a key reference point because we believe that the timeless principles are practical and full of wisdom. We hope that you’ll find the day very helpful and fun too.

"We had an excellent day. It meant a great deal that all presenters were not ‘perfect’ or super middle class role models. On the way here my husband’s comment was ‘ what’s the betting they will all be syrupy, huggy, false goody goodies?’ He is now humbly apologetic and extremely pleased he was wrong. Thank you!”

What happens at the event?

You will enjoy quality communicators who will present practical relationship tools based on Biblical principles, brought alive with personal stories and illustrations. The presenters are normal couples - NOT perfect people who are going to tell you how to live your life! There are personal application exercises and of course plenty of time to talk privately as a couple. There are NO group exercises or role plays and you won’t be reporting back about your relationship so you can relax and enjoy a great day for the two of you!

Sessions include:

Communicating together developing a deeper understanding of each other.
Growing together identifying what tends to pull us apart and what helps us to grow closer.
Resolving conflict together managing our disagreements in a healthy way.
Loving together understanding each other’s needs and love languages.
Moving on together discovering fresh ways to continue growing as a couple.

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A day together events are a great way to serve and reach your community. These events happen because of a partnership between the FamilyLife team and a hosting organisation – such as a church, school or other community group. If you are interested in finding out more about partnering with us click here for more information. Please contact us if you are interested – we’d love to hear from you.

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