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Agapé Family Life

Agapé Family Life is a growing network of people who care about and are doing something to help strengthen relationships and support marriage.

Families and marriage are vital parts of every culture Yet all around the UK families and relationships are in crisis. Society is suffering as a result. How can we be part of the solution?

Like all families we have experienced ups and downs but have found there are some timeless principles that work. Our relationships have changed and we are passionate about sharing this with others by building a movement FOR marriage and family life.

Why not join us?

What we do

We help to transform relationships through our network of community based ministry partners. Agapé Family Life provide proven resources and events which are suitable for anyone who is open to Biblical principles, whether you are married, living together or remarried. Everything we do is designed to be practical, fun, inspiring and give hope. There is NO group work at our events and you don’t have to report back anything about your relationship.

Key resources and events…

One-day Event – ‘A Day Together’ is a seminar for couples to invest in their relationships whatever stage of life or faith perspective. It’s delivered by an Agapé Family Life team and hosted by a church or community group. Click here for more.

Relationship App – ‘Toucan’...thrive together by using this online relationship resource that empowers any couple to build a happier, healthier life together. Accessible on all devices to help busy couples connect in meaningful ways. Click here for more.

Couples' Group – ‘Together’ is a unique resource for a small group of couples. There is a leaders’ guide for nine sessions – it’s easy to do! For more info and a video go to:

An evening of fun and insight – 'What is Love, Actually?' – an enjoyable  evening for couples to look at the subject of love, including clips from the film. It’s delivered by the Agapé Family Life team and hosted by a church or community group. Especially suitable for club or pub venues.  Click here for more.

How you can be involved...

You can be part of the Agapé Family Life movement and there are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Attend an Agapé Family Life event and be inspired!
  • Invite others to Agapé Family Life events so they can benefit
  • Register to receive our regular news reports
  • Become involved in a Together group for couples
  • Contact us to find out about organising an Agapé Family Life event in your community 
  • Pray regularly for Agapé Family Life
  • Support us financially (click here)

Contact us if you want to know more!

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