Pray with Agapé
Work Life

Please pray for the Agapé Work Life team as they continue to make connections with people in the work place. Pray that existing relationships would be built upon and a strong community would be established.


Please pray for members of Agapé’s Leadership team, Jude Daniel and Nicole Lewis who will be conducting research towards increasing our internship intake. Pray for God’s guiding and teaching over the coming months.


Please pray for Agapé staff to recognise that they are dependent upon God for everything. Pray that this would fuel a commitment and passion for prayer so that each team would be characterised by their reliance upon God.

Freshers follow up

Please pray that Agapé Student Life teams would be able to reconnect with those people they met during Freshers week and many students would be interested in continuing discussions and/or being part of the movement.

A Day Together

Please pray for the event ’A Day Together’ happening in Manchester on 13 October. Please pray for the Agapé Family Life team as they present material aimed at strengthening marriages. Pray that each couple would enjoy the time together to focus on their relationship and each couple would grow closer because of it.

Christian students

Please pray for our Agapé Student Life teams to be connected with many Christian students across the UK’s network of universities. Pray this would lead to many more Student Life movements being established.

GAiN trip to Lesbos

Please keep praying for the team who have volunteered in a refugee camp in Lesbos Greece with Global Aid Network (Agapé’s humanitarian aid partner). Please pray that as the trip comes to an end, God would strengthen the team and they would be able to return home knowing that they can trust God to continue working amongst the people they have met. 

A Day Together

On the 7 October, Agapé Family Life will be hosting ‘A Day Together’ in London. This event aims to invest in couples’ marriages, helping them to grow strong, healthy and happy relationships. Please pray for the couples who attend, that they would come away with a deeper understanding of each other and new ideas of how to make their marriage stronger.

Freshers week

It’s freshers week at Oxford and Cambridge universities this week. Please pray that God would lead students to consider the big questions about life, faith and God and they would find Agapé Student Life societies a helpful way to engage with these topics.


Please pray for all those using Agapé Family Life’s digital resource, Toucan. Pray relationships would be transformed and marriages strengthened through this marriage app.

GAiN trip to Lesbos

Global Aid Network (Agapé’s humanitarian aid partner) is taking a team of volunteers to Lesbos, Greece from 27 September to 6th October. Please pray for the work they will do in the refugee camp; pray for safety, strength and for God’s love to be evident to all those living there.

Freshers week

It’s freshers week at Birmingham, LSE, Newcastle and Nottingham universities. Please pray for our Agapé Student Life societies to make a big impact on campuses this week. Pray God would lead them to many students who are spiritually open and that many would be lead to Christ.