Pray with Agapé
A Day Together in Cambridge

FamilyLife have their next ‘A Day Together’ event happening on 27 April in Cambridge. This event looks at some of the most important aspects of relationships and gives couples opportunities to talk them through. Please pray the day would be helpful, inspiring and good fun.

Staff changes

Please pray for the staff who are moving on from Agapé. Praise God for Pamelyn, Anne and Abby’s dedicated service to our team and pray for them as they move into what God has for them next. Pray also for our Human Resources team as they process new applications.

London mission

The Agapé Student Life team are welcoming mission projects to London this year. Please pray that God would build connections between the project team members and students, and that the profile of London would be raised so that more projects would come in the years ahead.

Branding consultants

Please continue to pray for the external consultants who are working with us on our branding. Pray they would be able to offer helpful insights and advice into how we present ourselves as an organisation.

Launching at Ulster University

Please pray for the Agapé Student Life team in Belfast who are currently trying to launch another Student Life group at Ulster University. Pray the team would find students who love Jesus and who want to tell their friends and coursemates about him.

Student team to Lesvos

Please pray for the team of students going to serve a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece with Global Aid Network. Pray they will bond as a team and have significant impact in the lives of those in the camp.

Staff on maternity leave

Pray for our staff who are currently on maternity leave. Pray that they would adjust well to this significant change and would see God at work clearly through their family life.

Global Digital Strategies Summit

Pray for our Communications Director, Rachel Wears, who will be travelling to Buenos Aires for a conference focused on how to use digital means to help people move in their journey with God. Please pray for safe travel, and for helpful training and ideas that Rachel can bring back to the UK team.

Support discovery training

From 9-10 April, our new staff will be trained in how to develop a team of people who will partner with them in their work by giving, praying and encouraging them. Please pray for a useful and fruitful time that equips and encourages our new staff.

Tents in Lesvos

Praise God for the team who went to Lesvos refugee camp in February with Global Aid Network (Agapé’s humanitarian partner). They were able to construct three large tents donated from the most recent Mission Impossible film. These tents will serve as shelter for community events and housing for families.

Easter bible conference

Please pray for staff as they come together for our annual Easter bible conference from 1-5 April. Pray God would work in a powerful way through his word, and that staff would leave feeling inspired and encouraged.

New believer

Praise God for a new believer at the University of Northampton. Pray that God would grow a firm foundation for their new faith and they would get involved in a local church community.