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Council of Management

Agapé is overseen in the UK by the Council of Management which meets four to five times a year. Under charity legislation, our Council of Management (or Trustees) is responsible for ensuring that Agapé is financially solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which Agapé has been set up. In addition to their legislated responsibilities, members of the Council often act as a valuable sounding board to Agapé’s national leadership, providing advice and support behind the scenes.

Gary Palmer

Gary Palmer (Chair) is an independent IT Manager who has spent many years in senior IT management in the mobile telecoms sector. With his wife Jan, he has been on the volunteer team for Agapé’s FamilyLife ministry for more than 15 years. Gary enjoys sharing good management practices as they relate to Agapé.
Javier Garcia

As director of Agape Europe, Javier García represents the international side of the movement and can always give a slightly different view on things to Agape’s Council of management. Javier García has served on our Council for almost three years.
Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson is a senior finance executive and ex-Royal Navy submarine officer. Ian has recently joined the Council and hopes to bring some of his finance and risk management experience to the team. He is married with three boys.
Sally Taylor

Sally was an HR Manager for a high street bank, but has worked for a CPAS, a Christian charity, for over 8 years. She is currently Manager of the Arrow Leadership Programme. She brings HR and volunteer management insights to the Council. Sally is married to Steve and they have two (almost) grown up sons who are preparing to 'fly the nest'.
Lisbet Diers

Lisbet worked for over 14 years at London School of Theology in the Centre for Islamic Studies. Six years ago she decide to replace Christian academia with hands on help and retrained as an ESOL teacher to engage with people of other cultures and faiths. She brings a depth of theological thinking and a skill in seeing the trees in the wood!
Rich Boothroyd

Rich is married to Sharon and has two girls aged 7 and 5. He is Associate Minister at a church in South-West London and has planted a church on a local estate, having previously worked with Agapé for eight years. In a feeble attempt for hipster status, Rich enjoys coffee and craft beer, but needs to work on the lumber beard and shirts.